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Welcome to the Art Room site. I discovered my passion for teaching in graduate school and it has been a driving force in my life ever since. I began to teach a few children fine art privately and soon had a full roster of incredible kids! And so the Art Room was established. Six years later I feel thankful to be doing what I love most.  I find the childrens’  boundless enthusiasm and creative capacity inspiring! I hope to inspire a life long love of art in each of them in return.


-Stacee Kalmanovsky, artist and founder

My Story

Stacee Kalmanovsky


Founder of Stacee's Art Room

BFA 04', MFA '12


Through material study and experimentation all ideas are brought into creation.  I agree with Picasso that every child is an artist, until they forget. I’m here to make sure they won’t! I engage my students with classical and contemporary methods. I encourage creativity and self expression and an open mind. I am there every step of the way making sure each young artist has the tools and skills to realize their artistic intention.

Teaching philosophy

Beyond talented teacher (Stacee) whose amazing with kids. Mine would wait all week for their art lesson-never saw them so excited for any other classes they've taken. Very impressive art projects!

Diana P., Highland Park

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