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Stacee Kalmanovsky
I immigrated to Chicago from Belarus with my family in 1989, as a 7 year old, so you do the math! I have been an artist all my life, and was recognized for my achievements since a very young age. I lived in Florence, Italy for over 5 years, between my Bachelors of Fine Art and my Masters of Fine Art degree, where I made and showed my work. If you ever go there ask me where to eat and shop and sightsee!
In 2012, I received my Masters in Fine Art from the University of Chicago, where I was a course and teaching assistant for two years, and have been teaching independently ever since.

I was classically trained by Skokie’s very own Leonid and Sonya Osseny, and conceptually trained during my university degree work. My own teaching practice provides a mixture of both methodologies, which I believe will produce the most successful future artists, and engage my students’ intellects as well as develop their techniques.
I have exhibited in the United States, Canada, and Italy, and you can find some of my work described below. I continue to maintain my own art practice, which is currently focused on paintings with ink on paper, collage, and sculpture.

Rain, first created at Ometti Studio in Florence, Italy while I was pregnant with my first son, and later a version of it was bought by a Canadian luxury condominium developer. It is a large scale (12′ cubed) installation made up of crystal, glass, and plexiglass beads on acrylic thread, suspended under a large sky light. It is probably my most well know work, and has been published in various international design magazines, and a myriad blogs.

These are some of my ink and gouache paintings, mostly completed in 2008-2009. They are themed around the idea of offering and sacrifice, through the decadent setting of a table or preparation of a meal or cake. To individual degrees, each work teeters between beauty and ruin

The following collages, paintings, and sculptures are from my  solo show: A Reciprocal Wild at Woman Made Gallery. The sculptural work focused on the witchiness between object and body, and referenced Russian tea kettles, the moon, and legs. The collages in this show combined dishes, earthy textures, and goddess like figures, all titled Witches.

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