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Original Custom Theme Parties

Let us plan your special occasion! Some past examples include:
Arty Party with canvas painting, Shadow Puppets and Pillow Case making, Faerie Land with Head Wreath making, Hawaiian with Volcano Making, Science Party with Borax Crystal Making, Tie-Dye Party


Games are designed to be age appropriate for the participants. We have had great fun with bag races, treasure hunts, flashlight tag, sardines, pin the tail on the donkey, and relays races.

Face Painting

A favorite! with non sticky, non toxic, beautiful designs!


I am happy to travel to your event 


$150/hour:  leading activities

1.5 hour minimum ($225)

some supplies included (smocks/brushes/etc)

Looking for a creative, original party idea?  You are at the right place! 

Let us help you design a theme, plan activities, provide the entertainment, or just drop in to paint some happy faces!  The sky’s the limit!  Call us with any questions.  We are happy to host a project themed party at The Art Room in Mundelein, or travel to your designation.

Possible Themes and Activities:

Arty Party: 

Whether it’s canvas painting together, exploring Jackson Pollock style abstraction, painting with watercolors at a beautiful garden, or making our own personalized stamps, an art project based party is always engaging!  Email or call Stacee directly, because each occasion is tailor made.

Crafty Party: 

Making a birdhouse, painting a bottle, sewing a stuffy, making a soda can robot, tie-dye, decorating a pillowcase, or weaving bracelets, making a puppet…all these are possibilities!

Mad Scientists: 

Fun, kid safe experiments are a blast.  Literally! How can we make soda? A table top volcano?  Sugar crystals?  All of these are a possibilities and more!

Fairy Party: 

Lets make magical glittering potions, flower wreaths, and fairy wings, paint flowers on our hands and have a treasure hunt!  Magic:)!

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